Mark Osier's Song Lyrics

Here are the lyrics (and chords in most cases) to most of the songs I've written, with links to audio or video files when available. It should be noted that like many singer-songwriters, I went through what can be best described as a "whiny bitch" phase when I was younger, and some of these songs came out of that period. Consider yourself warned. :)

Song Title Audio or Video
A Little MagicNot Yet
A Minstrel's LamentNot Yet
Alien Down Your ThroatNot Yet
All Along the GametableNot Yet
Angels Banished Into HellNot Yet
Behind the ScreenNot Yet
BleedNot Yet
Brine Puppies with a Side of FriesNot Yet
BrokenNot Yet
Brother to BattlesNot Yet
Cry MercyNot Yet
Cry of a Fallen WarriorNot Yet
Filking DayNot Yet
GroupiesNot Yet
Hooking Up at Callahan'sConFlikt 2 Performance
Horrible TonightNot Yet
Hotel GuestsNot Yet
I Just Love Those Porno MoviesNot Yet
I Promise Not To Write You a Love SongNot Yet
Icicles MeltingNot Yet
I'm Not Me Without YouNot Yet
InsaneNot Yet
It Doesn't Rain That MuchNot Yet
Jessimyn's SongScratch Track Recording
Klingon Country LoveNot Yet
Let It Snow - Viking LyricsNot Yet
LokiNot Yet
Monster and ManNot Yet
One More FilksongNot Yet
Retro Hugos (2014 Retro Hugo Awards)Not Yet
Shuttle Bound for GloryNot Yet
Song for ForalieNot Yet
That's What Bubbies DoNot Yet
Time to Go WriteVideo Link
Two SailorsNot Yet
What is Eludium AnywayNot Yet
What She Said - The Next GenerationNot Yet
When I Look Into Your EyesNot Yet
Why Don't Barbarian Women Wear ClothesNot Yet
XBox and BeerScratch Track Recording

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